Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yet More Absolutely Conclusive Proof That Trump Indubitably Did Something Or Other

Stegasaurus Had A Beautiful Singing Voice Because It's Not Like Falsehoods Hurt Anybody Or Whatever

There's an actual contemporary view of science here

Georgia Police Use Anti-KKK Law To Arrest "Anti-Racism" Protesters

"Anti-racism" LOL

Facebook Tells Two (Black) Women That Their Pro-Trump Views Are "Unsafe"

Anything that the PC left disagrees with is either (magically, undetectably) a threat to their safety or (even more magically and undetectably) actually constitutes a kind of violence against them. Really, this kind of nonsense should disqualify people from participating in public discussions.

"In 12 Years Free Speech On Our Campuses Has Gone From Routine To Besieged"

This is about The Great White North...there but for the grace of the First Amendment go we...
   Though, honestly, we're not in much better shape.

Everybody Stop Talking About the Yellowstone Supervolcano

I just started getting myself to stop worrying about that daggum thing.

George Will On The Takings Clause

PC WCs: You Will Be Decided For

The key characteristic of “Stalled!” [a type of public restroom design] is its complete desegregation. Open circulation encourages the masses to pass casually through a restroom with ease, re-absorbing the once-polarizing and isolating area into the public realm.
Whelp, I did predict this.
Again: I'm not even necessarily opposed to the sex-desegregation of all facilities in principle--though I am against it in practice, actually. I already don't like being around crowds, honestly, I grew up on a farm, and I've never completely gotten used to being around lots of other people. And I'm not exactly the biggest fan of peeing around even other dudes. If you want to maximize my discomfort in public, you could hardly do better than to integrate public restrooms by sex. Needless to say, I don't count, and neither do you. Who counts are: the 0.00000001% of the population who not only want to dress like the opposite sex (as is their right), but that also believes that we should restructure society to shore up their fantasy that they are the opposite sex. (Which is not their right.) 
   Look, I'm cool with having the discussion; I realize we may look back on sex-segregated facilities of all kinds the way way now look back on sex-segregated swimming areas. But being pushed into this by this weird alliance of (a) a tiny, probably-mentally-ill fragment of the population and (b) our progressive cultural overseers...with no discussion and no input from "the masses" as we may or may not be called in the linked piece...honestly, we ought to be pissed off about that.
   And how, exactly, is it that sex-specific public restrooms are "polarizing?" Is it because some of us Neanderthals prefer the single-sex convention? And the solution, of course is...completely restructure everything in order to satisfy the most extreme possible evolution of the preferences of the "progressive" side in the disagreement... 
   I really am starting to understand why conservatives are so pissed off.

"Choice" Architecture, Nudging, and "Gender" "Neutral" (i.e. Sex-Integrated) Public Restrooms

The internet has defeated me at last.
This is satire. I know it has to be satire.
But some of the links that I thought constituted winks and nudges are themselves either nutty or deadpan satire.
Honestly, I gotta have some help here. Somebody please tell me for sure that the page on the other end of that link is not serious.
You win this round, internet.

De Pauw Descends Into Race Madness

I haven't even finished reading this yet. What insanity.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Palate Cleanser: Three F-15s Race A Solar Eclipse

Nashville Waffle House Shooter Had Tried To Breach White House Perimeter; Officials Seized, Then Returned, His Guns

Yet another mass shooter who could have been stopped by competent law enforcement.
I expect these are just the cases we hear about.
But damn.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Race: Still Real

The debate about race is one of the best illustrations of the central error (and danger) of political correctness: the subordination of reason to politics. Or we could say, the subordination of facts / evidence / objective inquiry / science thereto. PC is, at its core, neo-Lysenkoism. These sound like the kinds of claims you might find on a nutty far-right blog...but...well...they're true. So. We're stuck with 'em, crazy as they might sound.
   I continue to think that the most illustrative example is transgenderism, because that involves--once you clear away the ground clutter--only relatively simple ideas / concepts. Those simple ideas are obfuscated by bad (more accurately: dumb and dishonest) terminology...but that can be cleaned up with a bit of attention. 
   However, though the ideas are a more complicated, race is also a pretty good example. The attempt to convince people that races are not natural kinds is almost entirely motivated by left-wing political obsessions and preferences. It does gain strength from the nominalism that's an unfortunate part of much of contemporary consciousness...though it could be argued that that, too, is associated with the left's obsession with trying to make everything out to be social / linguistic. But that might be a stretch. Nominalism is a view that captures people everywhere on the intellectual / political spectrum. It's one of those views that's easy to understand, has a kind of natural allure, and just seems to come readily to people's lips when they are forced to say something about kinds and abstract objects. IMO that's partially because it sounds sophisticated in virtue of sounding rather skeptical.
   At any rate, an objective look at the evidence and arguments clearly indicates that races are real. New evidence and arguments may, of course, emerge. But right now, the more reasonable view by far is that there are real, biological patterns of sameness and difference that correspond closely enough to our ideas of races to count. There's no perfect fit, of course. But were that our criterion, I'm not sure any commonsense category would be real.
   Anyway, the real point of this post is: behold, JayMan's blog on the topic! This is a really nice piece of work.
Read more »

Saturday, April 21, 2018

CA Bill Would Ban Certain Politically Incorrect Goods, Services and Advertisements

  Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”
   The bill then defines “sexual orientations change efforts” as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”
Political correctness over freedom, once again. On the left, everything not compulsory is forbidden.* 
   Doesn't this mean that it would be illegal to sell books that (e.g.) advertised therapy to cure pedophilia? Or other crazy shit like "object sexuality" or whatever the hell it's called? So if, say, I get a knock on the head and subsequently only feel sexual attraction for prime numbers...I'm just SOL in the People's Republic of California? 
   I'm neither for nor against people trying to change their sexual preferences. Well, maybe a little against it in the most common kinds of cases, but just insofar as I'd rather everybody just learn to be themselves and like what they like (within reason). But outlawing it? **** that ****. Children are a special case; I don't think parents should be able to force their kids to undergo sexual reprogramming. But if a grown-up person wants to do it, the government has no right to stop him. What a consenting adult and a consenting therapist do in the privacy of the latter's office is no business of the rest of us. I'm under the impression that such stuff isn't too successful...but that's a completely different matter. 

Yes, I realize that I've slightly modified the quote. Don't be a wanker about it.

F-22-F-35 Hybrid?

The proposed aircraft “would combine the F-22 and F-35 and could be superior to both of them,” said one of the sources. OMGOMGOMG OK EVERYBODY JUST CALM DOWN...

Reed Capitulates to PC Bullshit

This is repulsive.
It's not that I think there aren't any decent reasons for preferring world civilization courses to Western civilization courses. I'm of two minds about the question. But caving in to totalitarian PC bullshit in this way is inexcusable. Behold, the guardians of the Western intellectual tradition, helpless before the wrath of petulant, uneducated, extremist children. Those who know accept the judgement of those who don't know about what is worth knowing. Needless to say, the totalitarians aren't satisfied:
“...we're calling for the Humanities 110 faculty to pick different cities from the old syllabus for the first two semesters,” the post says [ambiguously]. “We feel that these cities should be outside of Europe, as reparations for Humanities 110's history of erasing the histories of people of color, especially black people."
Never, ever give in to the illiberal left. It never works. It's part of the "logic" of the PC left: they're never satisfied. Every victory is simply a beachhead in the next battle against Western civilization.
   I'm rather inclined to think that this isn't so much the fault of the students. They're idiots--but they're children. And: children who have been brainwashed by the PC left...undoubtedly including many of their past teachers. But there's no excuse for the capitulation of the faculty.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Megan McArdle: Bias Against Conservatives Works Like Any Other Prejudice

Pretty much right on the money.

The Hypersonic Weapons Gap

Which...who even knew was a thing?...is about to get shrank, mofos.
   Man. Is there really any chance that we're going to keep producing new and better ways of pureeing each other without using them at some point? I mean...look at that war-boner-inducing illustration, right? Who could resist firing a couple of those off? I've got a right mind to try out a couple of them things on somebody right now.
   I mean...obviously we gotta build us some. But it's depressing. And, of course, exhilarating.

Idiot Prof Flings Boilerplate Insult At Barbara Bush; University President Loses His Mind

Professor what's-her-name is an idiot.
Flinging groundless accusations of racism is SOP on the PC left, obvs. It's gross, but you can't really take it seriously anymore. It's like fundies saying that you're a sinner. It's almost contentless at this point. It really just means REEEEEEEEEEEE
The worrisome part is the University president's response:
On Wednesday, Castro told the Bee that Jarrar’s comments were “beyond free speech. This was disrespectful.”
“A professor with tenure does not have blanket protection to say and do what they wish,” he said. “We are all held accountable for our actions.”
It would be funny to see these people reap what they've sown...if what they'd sown weren't academic / cultural / intellectual apocalypse. 
   The template that such things are "beyond free speech"...whatever the hell that means...is dangerous. That seemed to start with the "hate speech is not free speech" nonsense. The largely incoherent formulations garble their point, but the most coherent interpretation is: what you/they said is not Constitutionally protected. Which is false. 
   More to the point: it seems obvious that PWHN's statements are protected by academic freedom. The AAUP, which never lifts a finger against the crazy left, is likely to get involved in this given that the reaction is coming from the right. So PWHN is likely to have backup on this.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Chick-Fil-A's Creepy Infiltration Of New York City"

This is, well, kinda creepy, honestly.

[To be clear I mean: the article is creepy, not Chick-Fil-A.]

Trump Suggests Comey Should Be Jailed

I can't think of anything civil to say about this.

Monday, April 16, 2018

"Social Construction"(ism) Is A Conceptual Train Wreck

It's the same batch of confusions every time.
[Oops--my bad. There's some in there that I've never seen before.]